Jaunpur Lok Sabha Election Result 2019: BSP candidates ahead of counting in Jaunpur seat of Uttar Pradesh

Jaunpur Lok Sabha Election Result 2019: Jaunpur Lok Sabha Elections are BJP's KP Singh from Jaunpur, Debabrish Mishra of Congress and Shyam Singh Yadav from BSP are the main candidates. At present, BSP's Shyam Singh Yadav is moving forward from here. Here the counting of votes is going on in the morning. Election results are coming soon.
Jaunpur Lok Sabha Election Result 2019

In 2014, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Krishna Pratap was elected from Jaunpur Lok Sabha constituency. He got 367149 votes. His party is BJP. He defeated Subhash Pandey by 146310 votes. The nearest rival's party was BSP. In 2014 total 54.48 percent of the votes were cast.

Current MP from Jaunpur is Krishnar Pratap Singh, here the first MP was Birbal Singh of Congress. Gomti and Sai are the major rivers here. In addition, there are small rivers of Varuna, Basuhi, Pali, Mamur and Gangai. The geographical area of ​​the district is 4021 sq km. The main work of the district is based on agriculture.
Jaunpur Lok Sabha Election Result 2019

The main reason for this is not due to heavy industry in the district. Many industries are open on the Varanasi-Jaunpur road. There are also Pepsim, Hawkins and some industries engaged in Sataharia.

The main contest in this seat is between the BJP and the BSP candidate. The current MP from BJP, Krishna Pratap Singh, Shyam Singh Yadav from BSP and Debabrata Mishra from the Congress are in the fray. A total of 20 candidates are trying their luck with this seat.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, 21 contestants from Jaunpur parliamentary constituency were in the fray, in which Krishna Pratap Singh defeated Bahujan Samaj Party's Subhash Pandey by a margin of 1,46,310 votes. Krishna got 3,67,149 (36.45%) votes while Subhash got 2,20,839 (21.93%) votes. The SP third and the Aam Aadmi Party were in fifth place in the election. BJP voted this seat in 2014 after 15 years.

The historically popular city, situated on the banks of the river Gomti, is famous for its jasmine oil, tobacco leaves, emirates and sweets. Jaunpur district is situated in the north-western part of the Varanasi division. Jaunpur district has 2 parliamentary constituencies and 9 assembly constituencies. In addition to Jaunpur, Fishshahar is another parliamentary area. In the Jaunpur parliamentary area, 5 assembly constituencies (Badalpur, Shahganj, Jaunpur, Malhani and Mungra Badshahpur) come.

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